Open Letter: Gittany, the media and responsible reporting of violence against women

Gee Bailey

For some time now I have been in possession of an article that I ripped out and kept from my only weekly magazine purchase, Who, back in February of this year. I don’t normally do this but I was so saddened to read the story, “Simon Gittany Murder Trial. Deadly Obsession” that I felt I had to keep the article as a reminder of what is occurring on a daily basis to women all over Australia.

This is N.L.’s story

[Trigger warning: Domestic violence]

There was a night where I banked upon everything that my ex partner would not have the capacity to take our son’s life in the moments I could run bleeding, beaten beyond words and naked into the street at 5am screaming for help. I was lucky that I banked with the right bank that evening.

Domestic Violence: Telling it like it is

Domestic Violence: Telling it like it is

Words by Michael Roddan for The Citizen.

[Trigger Warning: Domestic violence]

Every week in Australia, a woman is killed by her partner or a previous partner. In fact, intimate partner violence is the top ranking cause of preventable and premature death among women aged 15 to 44. Violence is more likely to kill a woman than smoking and obesity combined, or illicit drugs and alcohol abuse.