Commenting Guidelines

We welcome and encourage your involvement on this site. We want it to be a safe, friendly and welcoming place.

The online environment is notoriously difficult to keep civil. No set of rules can hope to cover every contingency, especially when the topic is as confronting and emotional as the issue of violence against women.

Our guiding principle is for you to speak openly and honestly about your views and stories without fear of any sort of incivility.

So we want to make it very clear that no abuse of any kind will be tolerated, and we have put in place the following protocols :

  • All comments will be moderated.  That means that no comment will appear automatically on the site.  When you comment, it will go into a queue and it will have to be “clicked through” onto the site by one of our moderators
  •  We undertake to get comments onto the site as quickly as possible, but our resources are limited and there may sometimes be delays
  • Any comments that we think are abusive or uncivil in any way will either be edited or deleted
  • Commenters who continually violate these rules may be blocked for a period of time
  • We are happy to discuss all such rulings, but such discussions will not take place on site

If you are concerned about such a ruling, please let us know what your concern is via this email address:

We believe that most people coming here will want to make it work and that they will understand instinctively what it means to participate in a civil manner.

Here are some further thoughts on how to do that:

  • Do not comment in haste.  Stop and think and re-read before you click the “post” button.
  • Keep your comments succinct
  • When responding to someone, stay on topic.
  • Avoid sarcasm and irony.  It can be taken the wrong way.
  • Be prepared to change your mind and admit when you are in error.  We all get stuff wrong from time to time and conversations are enhanced when we accept this simple fact graciously
  • Presume goodwill on the part of other commenters.  Presume the best about them, not the worst

On these and any other matters, we welcome your feedback- and we welcome you to this site!